Tk Food Products

TK food Products has produced spices and condiments, under its flagship brand called Homey. With a fully-fledged production unit built in Kerala, the company has been manufacturing a wide variety of products that includes spices, spice mixes, curry powders and seasonings, rice and wheat, tea, rice, pickles and other ingredients necessary for a delicious cooking. Out of those long running lists, the company has been keen on procuring high quality rice and wheat from the best fields of India and strictly processing them in an authentic Kerala style. The most interestingly unique attribute TK food Products practices in its production is following the fragrance retained processing methods with flavor lock system. This helps the products to reach the consumers with the original freshness and aroma, promising the best quality and flavor. Company production units have highly skilled quality assurance experts and effective management systems. They help to identify, document, monitor and review food hazards that may occur during the production process. Hence, every stage of the manufacturing process is highly monitored so as to ensure the production and delivery of the best quality products to the end users.

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